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Quality. Quality is our goal. Projects start at the “Orders In” area where they are logged in, and the instructions are reviewed extensively by the Shift Manager and each operator who will be running the job.

Next, our production operators copy the project, at the same time spot-checking for errors. When the copying is complete, the documents are taken to our “Quality Control Department” where copies are compared against the originals to ensure accuracy.

Last, it goes to our “Orders Out” area where, before it is delivered, the work flow coordinator checks the documents against the work order to ensure the instructions were followed completely and accurately. With the flowing design of our facilities we produce accurate work consistently.

This quality care system is implemented on every job. We don’t cut corners. Whether we are duplicating color originals, litigation or deposition documents, filings or accounting work papers we follow the same formula for every assignment. We will never copy a project that will not be quality checked.

Services include but are not limited to:

• Black & White copies
• Color copies
• Letter size, legal size, 11 x 17 and oversized documents
• Single sided, double sided
• Transparencies B&W and Color
• Color copies from digital medium
• Coil, Comb, Velo and Tape binding
• Lamination 5 mil, 7 mil, 10 mil
• Saddle stitching
• 3 hole binding
• General/Customized Tabs
• Bates Labeling
• Collating
• Re-binding
• Custom finishing