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At ACCURATE Reprographics, Inc. we specialize in Litigation Support.

We understand the needs that our clients have and we do everything we can to cater to them.

With the years of experience that our staff has we are able to not only do what our client wants, but also suggest other methods that might be more cost effective and save time.

At ACCURATE Reprographics, Inc. we like to say that we have contributed to the success of many of our clients.


Take a look at the all the services we provide below and give us a try and discover for yourself why so many other firms use us exclusively.



Litigation copying is definitely not the same as copying. Why would you trust your files to someone who is not knowledgeable with the legal process of documents?

At ACCURATE Reprographics, Inc. we can help with your day to day copying needs to make sure that all projects are completed by the time needed to be filed or mailed out.

Got Trial? No worries, at ACCURATE Reprographics, Inc. we have all necessary supplies to make sure that your Trial Binders are ready when you need them.

At ACCURATE Reprographics, Inc. we make sure that every project that leaves our office  on time but most important, that it’s done accurately.  

If it needs to be copied or duplicated, at ACCURATE Reprographics, Inc. we can do it for you


Digital Printing

 With technology now a days, everyone is in need of printing files. At ACCURATE Reprographics, Inc. we can help you print your files either black & white or in color. Our equipment is all networked and we can print your file to multiple machines at the same time. From letter size documents up to large engineering plans. 


At ACCURATE Reprographics, Inc. we can duplicate X-rays that you might have to send to an expert or we can digitize them and provide you with a CD that includes a viewer.

Do you have a CD of X-ray images, we can print out the X-rays for you. 


Accurate Reprographics, Inc. is your first and last stop for scanning needs.
We live in an electronic world and the legal industry is realizing that managing documents on a database is more cost effective for them and their clients. Whether you have a scanning project or need a database created, Accurate Reprographics, Inc. has the equipment and expertise to support you. There are many options when it comes to electronic document management. And based on your needs, we will propose a solution to accomplish the task in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. 
• Document scanning
• Scan to Tiff, Multi-Tiff, PDF
• OCR 
• Blowbacks
• Conversion of Tiff to other formats
• Create Databases 
• Build custom load files
• Electronic Bates numbering
• Redaction
• CD, DVD, hard drive output

 File Conversions / EDD

 File conversion is the process of extracting native files such as emails, spreadsheets and word processing documents and converting them into a unified format that can be used in conjunction with database viewing software.

This need for accurate and efficient ways to uncover, review and produce data stored electronically has created a need for a company to fuse cutting edge technology with the expertise and experience needed to deal with the complexities of the litigation process. ACCURATE Reprographics, Inc. is involved in making this process as easy and efficient as possible. 



At ACCURATE Reprographics, Inc. we can go ahead and set up shop practically anywhere…We have equipment that is portable and easy to set up. We are able to scan small jobs or several boxes of documents. Our equipment can scan in Black & white, color, letter size or even engineering plans. Give us a call to discuss your project and we will  provide you with several options. 

Document Retrieval

 At ACCURATE Reprographics, Inc. we have been offering our subpoena services for several years now.  We are able to prepare your subpoena, serve and retrieve the necessary documents. The Documents can easily be uploaded to our site for quicker access by our clients. 

Online Document Storage Service

At ACCURATE Reprographics, Inc. our file management software allows you to be able to access your files from anywhere. Our software can be accessed like any website. The interface is supported by all major web browsers and allows you to manage your files from your Computer, Smart Phone and Tablet.